Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping Day!

To meet our yearly goals of saving and living frugally, I have began using coupons and menu planning to help with the budget. Doing so has dropped our budget from around $1100 a month to around $500 per month. Each month I am trying to beat the previous month. But, Wow, what savings I am having. Doing these type of budget cuts have allowed me to quit my job and stay home with my littles. I have realized that every penny I worked for, I usually spent frivalously. So I worked to buy junk and fast convienent foods, and all the while my heart desired to be home with my children. So, this past November, I quit! Hooray! I have never been at more peace.

Of course, I did some heavy praying about this decision first and with peace and dear husbands encouragment, I did it.

That brings me to my newly found fun of finding good deals. I love finding deals like CVS'ing and combining coupons with buy one get one free deals. It makes buying stuff for next to nothing. Why did I ever pay full price for anything? My goal this month is to spend no more than $300 on groceries.

Today was shopping day and here are the results: Publix $51.19 with $52.26 savings
Food Lion $16.42 with $17.36 savings
Total week 1 $67.61 / $69.62 savings

Not bad, but I think I can do better next week. I stocked up on cereal this week over ten boxes of Apple Jacks, strawberry Shredded wheat, and raisin bran. You just can't pass up your favorite cereal at less than a dollar a box. This was a good day.