Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I believe whole hearted that you should live with what you love most.

The Word of God is something I couldn't be without.
Could You??
On January 1, 2010, I set out on a journey to read the Bible completely.
The One Year Chronological Bible has made it easy to read along in sections everyday.
I have learned so much about God on this journey. Much of it for the first time. I have learned of the strength and determination of a mother named Rizpah, the fierceness of David as a warrior and a King, the wisdom of King Solomon and how both he and David disappointed God when they failed to follow His direction. I have learned how the Hebrew people just never seemed to get it. All that they witnessed on their journey out of bondage from Egypt, and they still made idols to worship.

I'm actually reaching the half way point in the Bible. Through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth (I love reading of Ruth and Boaz), 1 &2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings, and 1&2 Chronicles. I have loved this time with God so much, think I'll start again next January.
Get into the Word! Feed yourself this manna from God. He will speak into your life...there is nothing greater in this life, than a relationship with Jesus.

I love to sew.
My love for sewing started at about eight or nine years old. I had a neighbor friend and her mother made quilts. Beautiful quilts! I would ride my bike over and sit and watch her mother and grandmother hand stitch these beautiful heirlooms. I would plunder through my own mother's sewing box. Slowly, I began to put together my own sewing kit. Scraps of fabrics, needles and thread...my first sewing machine sewed yarn through paper. I loved that machine (a toy really). I so wished we would have saved it for my daughter.

This is a patch quilt I have been hand quilting for my daughter. I used all her infant blankets, baby cloths, and Winny Pooh curtains that used to hang in her nursery. It is almost ready for the binding.

This is my very first sewing machine, and it was given to me by my dear MIL. She is an excellent seamstress. She traded up about twelve years ago to a Janome and I was blessed with her old New Home. Seriously, it's a very basic machine but it runs perfectly. Her fancy embroidering Janome has seen the shop many a days but not this fossil. They don't make'em like they used too...

Two of my favorite 'things'! Thing one and thing two as they work together. Joyfully!! (most days)

When we built our home, we said that we would take our time and save for the things to make it "homey."
We saved and looked for along time. It had to be leather because well.....things happen. Leather wipes clean easily. It had to be firm and rustic with picture frame stitching.

I searched all over and online. Found this set at Ashley online but it was way out of our budget. A few months go by and I flipped through a Memorial day sale flyer one day standing at my mailbox. In the bottom corner was a small clip of a photo of this sofa on sale locally. I went the very next day. Showed the sale lady the flyer and said, "please show me this exact sofa." I couldn't believe it! For what this sofa cost online, we were able to get the sofa, love seat, and chair and half. Plus the ottoman for free! You know I love a bargain!

It's all about making a home.

This is still the most relaxing spot. My beloved finally got his hammock for Father's Day.
I love to curl up with my girl here. We sing 'You Are My Sunshine' here, and sometimes slip off into a peaceful rest here.

This thing.....well....we have a love hate thing going on.
Hate that I have to drag myself here daily for two miles of an up hill climb. But loving when I finish...
Hoping for a good payoff of leaving behind the #s.
Ya no whatta mean??

Surround yourself and your home with what you love most.
Simple things that bring joy.
Love, Life, and Laughter.

Many Blessing from my home to yours...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomatoe Tomato

See that lazy yellar dog?? I love that fur ball!
He moves from front porch to back porch depending on the time of day.
Cool bowl of refreshing water and a ceiling fan running wide open...HOT Florida Summers...
sometimes he stands up long enough to take a dip in a little wading pool.
Yes, there is a sand box on my back porch...
My girl needs shade and fan to build castles!

I, however, have been steaming it up in the kitchen.
Pizza sauce with "maters" straight from my tomato patch.
The deer and I are at battle. Every morning, I wake up to more half eaten tomatoes.
I have been waiting to grow big fat Beef Steaks all year, and the deer think they can just prance on in to feast. We shall see...Bambi or me???

This is really a Summer of first around here....I canned a dozen jars of Kosher pickles.
I have been hovering over so much steam.....I'm wrinkled.
Least, I tell myself it's the steam. lol...

The wild blackberries are in abundance on the farm.
Come, please, pick all you want!
I hate seeing them go to waste. With all the rain lately, they are so plump and sweet.
My freezer is packed with juicy berries.
This Winter, we will have cobblers, smoothies, and muffins mmmmm...

We be jammin again!
(i love listening to Bob Marley in the summertime)
His music just feels like vacation, even in my own kitchen.

So much corn!
It didn't turn out as sweet as last year's. We must have planted different seeds.
Someone told me to boil it with milk and sugar. That will sweetener up! :)

Out and about lately....
I drove through the small town of my childhood church.
This is a drive by shot of the little one room Baptist church.
With exception of the ramp, it looks the same.
It still has the out house outback.

The church we attend now, has theatre seating with a coffee bar/bistro inside.
I prefer somewhere in the middle....less fancy Nancy but with indoor plumbing.
Thankfully, God's Word is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. No matter where you worship! Just worship Him!

Truthfully, this is my most favorite place to visit God.
I talk to Him here.
I listen for Him here.
I sing and praise Him here.
He meets me, right where I am.
All my devotion spills out to the Lord, right here.

Many homestead blessings!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We said, we would stay home this year...

That's what we said anyway! But as the months passed...
We knew we couldn't miss it.
I started coming here when I was about five years old.
That's right, about 29 years worth of vacations and memories from right here.

I walked these paths as a little girl and now my girl walks these same warm stones.

When we married, we decided to continue on this family tradition.
Of spending one week with family here every June.
Some family members have stopped coming or out grown Sebastian.
Not us!! Even when we think of doing something else, our hearts are drawn back to the salty smell of the Indian River community.

We see and play with favorite cousins here in this sand.

Walk along the rivers edge looking for treasure.

A little girl discovers the remains of a fish and goes into an elaborate
tale about the life and death of such fish. Something about BIG sharks!

Catch of the day!

We dine in a restaurant made from old boats.

I whisper I love you in his ear.

Favorite cousins share baskets of mozzarella and laugh at each other when the hot cheese drips down their chin.

We celebrate birthdays together here.Altogether, we have about five sometimes six units amongst our big ole' family.
Every night we switch to a different room and cook it up. Laying out a big spread buffet style and sit back to watch the feasting. It's the fellowship I cherish the most.

Some don't cherish it so much. Some are not so grateful! Those few, walk without Jesus in their hearts. I try to take moments during the week to pray for them. The only sad part is sharing life here with family members that are lost. Not that I'm sad to be with them, well sometimes what comes out of their mouth makes me sad, but sad knowing they are lost without Him.
So I pray and let God do His thing!

and I get back to making the memories. With them!
watching on, as a good big brother gently teaches his little sister to swim without floaties.

Then she turns into a fish right before my eyes!

My grandfather taught me (and most of his grandchildren) to swim in this same pool many years ago.

Little girl cousins snuggle on a couch watching princess and frog movies.

Little girls have sleepovers!

Grammies and babies have sleepovers!

My grandfather (my swim coach). I love this man!

Wet beach towels are strewn all around.

Newbies.....getting accustomed to the heat.

Carlee and Gracie slow down for just a moment.

Cousins and new friends all jump together...

Boys trick the girls! Boys are sneaky like that!

A full week's fun in just four days. Making memories is what it's all about.
We said we would stay home.
We said....


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Day Out

They are so special to me.
I cherish every moment of this life. All the
while knowing, we will have them for only a short time.

I better get it right!

This school year was coming to an end and I wanted to do something special. Something simple, but different from our ordinary day.

We laughed a lot as we watched Marmaduke. Always choose a movie with talking animals, and you will never go wrong. The laughing is my favorite part. My day consist of laughter and how can I make it happen as much as possible.

A dinner out with vanilla milkshakes and chicken tenders. Bringing out all the favorites.
I tell them, how proud they make me. How they work hard at their lessons, and everything they do.
I admire how they look after each other. How they want to sit by one another. Don't get me wrong, there are the daily squabbles, but let one get into some kind of trouble, there is always the defender.

It must have been a good day!
Because it ended with two snoring precious children riding in my car.

My heart can't contain the joy it feels...so I share it with you.

Tuckered out!
I'm already planning the next surprise afternoon.
This time, there will be water slides and lazy rivers to experience.
Summer time...you gotta love it!

Hope you are enjoying the Summer!