Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Couple of Early Birds

 She and I have become the early birds.
I cherish our quiet early mornings together.

 We make our way out to do chores, as the sun cast it's shadow across our land.
I drag a hose and feed bucket. She brings along her dog.
And Mr. Kitty (her new kitten that she named five different times)

A true country girl.
Growing up on this land. Playing outside in the cool breeze of morning. Still in jammies.
Chasing after roosters and chickens.
This is our time together.
Precious time. 
These moments are my life. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'll be right back...

Dear blog friends,

Sorry I haven't posted regularly in a while.  Life kicked into over drive around here.  We opened our restaurant on Friday, October 15. The "official" grand opening was Monday (18th) and each night has gotten a busier. Tonight we filled the place up for the first time. What a relief!

We run the place as a family. My husband, myself, two brother in laws, and a friend. Even the children sweep and wash dishes. It's a family business.  Some nights my little girl falls asleep tucked in her sleeping bag in the office.  It's not forever. Just temporary, until we can hire more staff.  We are crazy busy getting everything smoothed out.

I will be back to blog about life soon.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slowing Down...

I had a VERY sick little boy this week. 
 There were moments, I was very frightened for my son. He ran fever for five days. Sometimes, the fever spiked to 104.4 degrees. For a child, that had NEVER experienced sickness outside of the sniffles, it was hard to see him suffer day in and day out.

At one point, I was holding him on the couch.  While I prayed over him, he began to cry.
 My heart broke...

"Mama," he cried.  In sobbing tears, "Why doesn't Jesus heal me?"
All I could say is,"He is sweetheart, He is."
Then I tried to make sense of his suffering. 
Still, through his tears, he replied, "haven't I suffered enough mama?"
"YES, sweet boy, you have."

Then, I had no more words out loud.
Only, deep prayer for him, and all mothers' that have held their children in sickness. 
  With the One Who holds the power to Heal.  As he drifted off to a feverish sleep, my throat tightened and hot tears fell. I cried knowing my boy would get better. Maybe, not today. Maybe, not tomorrow, but one morning he would wake up and feel better. 
But for a moment,
I let myself feel the heartache, of not knowing that for sure

That night the fever broke, and left his body for the final time.
I had slept at his bedside for five days. Never really resting. Afraid he may need me and I would be asleep.  That night, we both rested peacefully.

He is slowly regaining his strength. This illness, took the stuffing right out of him. He lost thirteen pounds. I MADE him drink constantly throughout, but for days he could only tolerate small bites of applesauce.

Life...... has a way of slowing us down.  
Right, when we think we couldn't possibly slow down at this moment. 
I let everything go for a week, and focused on the needs of my child.
I have never been so thankful that this is MY JOB, in life.  That I am blessed and able to serve my family.

the Lord is the strength of my life...
          Psalm 27:1


Friday, October 1, 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard, and Love Much

Our new normal day begins much earlier than it used to.
In between deliveries and faxes we hit the little park down the road.
Most mornings, our bags are packed and waiting by the front door.
 Ready to go for the day.

 Sometimes, I am still shocked that we actually pulled this off.
Life can change on you in a heart beat.
We are learning to embrace each busy day.
 So we hit the park and let the good times roll.
 Laughter,  play time, and sand in our shoes.
At the end of the day, we are a family.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It has been a long three months, but we are finally nearing completion of this project.  I could not be more ready. I have grown weary of being SO busy. Some days, seem nonstop until I drop into bed exhausted. As a mother, I do not like being so busy all the time.  When life is on the go, day in and day out, moments go unnoticed. Meals are rushed, not lovingly prepared and enjoyed. I miss "doing" our home school activities and playing. The past few weeks, school has been worksheets and spelling test.  I must prioritize our day better. I will cherish these moments.

This business is for my husband. I have no desire to manage or run a restaurant. It didn't take me long to miss being a STAY AT HOME MAMA. And it will not be long before I am back to doing just that. :)   My role will be bookkeeper, and that is fine by me.

In two weeks we will open.  And hopefully settle in, to this new part of our life. Our middle.

Walking in His Grace and mercy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Business

Just a family, building a business.
Little ones and big ones working along together.
All of us with BIG hopes and dreams as we work.
 Thankful for loving, hard working, brother in laws.
 My husband has two wonderful brothers(only one pictured). They are the best of friends, the three of them. Good (single) men that serve this family well. They take care of their mom and aunt.  They are wonderful loving uncles to my children.  Did I mention, they are single??  ;) I would just love sister in laws. I pray and pray for these two to find loving wives.

My children are blessed with three good men in their lives.
I never had the chance to meet the father of these men. I truly wish I had. But I know he must have been a fine man because he raised three wonderful sons. 

Working the menu a little today.
This is definitely a keeper. 
                                       French Dip
Boars Head thin-sliced roast beef
and sharp melted cheddar
 on a fresh buttery croissant.
Served with au jus.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Words of Truth

The Bible that is falling apart,
usually belongs to the person
who's life is not.
~Charles Spurgeon