Monday, August 23, 2010

just goo'in around

My favorite scientist!
He comes home from worship with an idea. He wants to do an experiment.

Nothing new with that, he loves doing experiments.
A home schooled boy learns by doing.

Glue, Borax, and water make goo.
Did you know that? :)
I confess, I didn't!
 Dad was the overseer of the slimy job.
 But even I, had to slide my hand into the mushy fun.
 Good job Science boy!
This was so much fun! We can goo around anytime!

Let your kitchen be a place of fun and learning.
Do the goo!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sometimes..You Got To Getaway.

A last minute decision, turned out to be the most fun weekend of the Summer.

Some friends told us about this beautiful hotel with a water slide and lazy river.

 It didn't take us long to we threw our cloths into the suit case.
 A quick search on Expedia and we were off to Orlando.
 We drove straight to the hotel and didn't leave all weekend.
The boy went round and round on the water slide (we did too :)
I just love water slides!
When we were not twirling on the slide, we were a float on the lazy river.
I just love a LAZY river! 
 We shared delicious food. Steak Marsala makes my mouth water.
 Then we suited back up for more LAZY river. Only thing we could do after a meal like be LAZY.

No theme parks, no expensive tickets, no walking around until our legs ache,
 just a relaxing weekend getaway.
We fell in love with this hotel.
It is beautiful and new. Very reasonably priced, considering you get hotel and water park combined for less than one theme park admission ticket. Who needs Disney, when you can float the LAZY river all day.

We cherished this weekend together.
A few days of togetherness without thinking of our business.
Which btw, is getting  closer to opening. We have our shop, our county approval, licenses, appliances (most of them), waiting on furniture, waiting on some minor construction of walls, plumbing, painting, and the fun part decorating. Even if I am restricted, to decorating with a sports
Figured out what it is yet??

I'll post a few pictures of the shop next a clue;)

Sweet Blessings!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Remember When?

Yaw, know I'm an old fashioned kind of girl.
Well, if you didn't know, now you do.
I love everything old and country this includes my TV 'wachin'. I even talk country(in my countrified twang :)

My favorite program has always been The Waltons. I have loved this show since I was a little girl.
A couple years ago they took it off the air, the reruns, I mean. I have missed watching all those Walton gatherings and the happenings of this God fearing, Blue Ridge mountain living family(btw,I dream of living in the Blue Ridge mountains someday).

 Sadly, in today's reality television watching society, The Walton's just didn't carry an audience. Except Me!!  Maybe a few others!  I miss programs like this. Good clean shows, where families gathered around dinner tables and prayed, the ladies were 'ladies', and men agreed over hand shakes. Their word was honest and good. Little House on the Prairie is another goodie.
Times were hard for families back then, but they were simpler.  Most folks had good values, faith in Jesus, and where honest hard working family.  Flash forward to modern day, we are doing our best to live and instill these values in our children. Trying to train our boy to understand the biblical principle for hard work. Raising my daughter to love serving a family. This family for now and one day her own. Of course, to hear it from her four year old heart, she's going to marry daddy. No other love for her...just daddy. Daddy's girl that one! I'm thankful her daddy has her sweet heart. She will hold any man that comes a courting (someday), in comparison to her daddy. He is a good man, so the bar is set high. I pray for the man that comes along after her high spirited heart. I do pray for the future match for my children.  Speaking of  'old fashionness', I hope my children embrace courting verses the all too 'casual' dating seen of today. You know what I'm talking about. How much dating did you do before marrying? Unfortunately, I did my share. Hoping to spare them that part of this world. 

Thanks to Netflix, I have been watching all my favorite episodes of The Waltons. We all have! Just like the Waltons gathering around their radio, we all gather around the lcd hdtv(not my purchase,the man chose it) to watch their show. OK, so not "just like" them :) But I do watch with my needle and thread in hand just like Ma Walton did.
Close enough!

GoodNight John Boy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life

I love our home school life. 
I miss teaching them when we take a break from 'doing' school.

Learning and life go hand in hand.

 My boy and I, have spent the Summer evening's reading through his children's Bible.
We are just about to finish with it, and then begin reading through his junior Bible.
It has more of the details in it.
This child absorbs the Word. He never lets me slide on our readings.  Every night, he reminds me that we have to read. I ask him questions and he can give me detailed responses.

He knows it! He gets it!
His eight year old heart breaths it in and retains the teachings.

 I learn so much from him.
My mother's heart cannot contain the joy of knowing my son loves the Lord so deeply.
I truly, cannot hope for a greater blessing.

 She loves Jesus too, and she loves playing with flour.
Teaching the little lady how to read this year, and colors, numbers...and anything else we decide to learn together :)

Pouring myself into them.
Living this life to serve my family.
Teaching, learning, and loving them every minute I can.

My friendly neighbor asked me the other day, "do you plan to always home school them."
To home school my children is a blessing.
A great blessing to us all.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kenpo Karate Kid

 For the longest time, he wouldn't move from my side.
Shy and timid little guy...he was. No longer is he that bashful boy.
Everyday, growing up and into the young man he is becoming.
 We prayed for an activity that would be suited for him. Something he liked, but would also teach life long skills. Most importantly, a boost to his self confidence. 
 We decided on Kenpo.  A street smart self-defense form of Karate.  In Kenpo, they are instructed to respect adults (yes sir/mam), to be thankful and gracious, to help others, to keep himself and his room tidy. The instructor is a kind Christian man and my boy is loving this course.
 Showing off his moves.
 I have to choke back my tears as I watch him in class.
(Who cries during Karate...I do...but don't tell him that :)
He makes me so proud to be his mama.

He blesses my life with his.

Celebrating Life

You are the great love of my life.
There can be no other.
I gave you my heart fourteen years ago.
You have it still!
Thank you for walking this life with me.

Loving you, with all that I am.