Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Business

Just a family, building a business.
Little ones and big ones working along together.
All of us with BIG hopes and dreams as we work.
 Thankful for loving, hard working, brother in laws.
 My husband has two wonderful brothers(only one pictured). They are the best of friends, the three of them. Good (single) men that serve this family well. They take care of their mom and aunt.  They are wonderful loving uncles to my children.  Did I mention, they are single??  ;) I would just love sister in laws. I pray and pray for these two to find loving wives.

My children are blessed with three good men in their lives.
I never had the chance to meet the father of these men. I truly wish I had. But I know he must have been a fine man because he raised three wonderful sons. 

Working the menu a little today.
This is definitely a keeper. 
                                       French Dip
Boars Head thin-sliced roast beef
and sharp melted cheddar
 on a fresh buttery croissant.
Served with au jus.


  1. Can't wait to visit your new place!! How exciting!!

  2. That does look delicious!
    It's wonderful to see a family working together!


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