Sunday, September 26, 2010


It has been a long three months, but we are finally nearing completion of this project.  I could not be more ready. I have grown weary of being SO busy. Some days, seem nonstop until I drop into bed exhausted. As a mother, I do not like being so busy all the time.  When life is on the go, day in and day out, moments go unnoticed. Meals are rushed, not lovingly prepared and enjoyed. I miss "doing" our home school activities and playing. The past few weeks, school has been worksheets and spelling test.  I must prioritize our day better. I will cherish these moments.

This business is for my husband. I have no desire to manage or run a restaurant. It didn't take me long to miss being a STAY AT HOME MAMA. And it will not be long before I am back to doing just that. :)   My role will be bookkeeper, and that is fine by me.

In two weeks we will open.  And hopefully settle in, to this new part of our life. Our middle.

Walking in His Grace and mercy.


  1. 2 more weeks...Yay! Congratulations to your family.

  2. I want to be your first customer:)

    hang on it will all even out!

    love and hugs!


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  4. Mel, Thank you for the kind words. If you decide to drive North stop in for a snack :) I make a good Arnold Palmer :)

    Rob, If you go South bring the family. We have chips and salsa....I know you girls love the chips and salsa. Me too! We have an awesome spinach artichoke dip too.YUM! We can sit and solve world problems ;)

    Love you precious ladies!


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