Tuesday, September 8, 2009

They grow too fast...

Garrett (3) on North Carolina vacation 2005.
My Boy!! You are a gentle soul. A boy that tells his mommy and daddy that you love us all the day long. You are the same gentle boy at seven as you were as a little baby. Content to play with your Thomas trains for hours. These days your toy's are bigger and louder and you have great imagination. Our baby Grace first Christmas 2005. First year in the new house.
You stole your daddy's heart in a way he didn't know it could be stolen. He would quit work and spend every moment with you in his arms (if he could). You are a vibrant spirit. When you are in a room everybody hears you. My sweet girl!!

Oh, by the way, I think this is about one of the last times I was able to dress you in dresses. Broke your mama's heart. Every year the most beautiful spring dresses and you will have nothing to do with them. I have hope for someday.
Such a cutie!!
I sometimes wish I could save time in a bottle. My babies are growing up fast everyday. I miss them being babies. I think I want more!!!!

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