Saturday, July 25, 2009

The newest member of our family

For about seven years now, I have wanted and waited for it in my life. Everytime that German inventor's commercial comes on I am glued to the tube. I am not the materialistic type, in fact I am very frugal and a "let's make do" type. But not today! After years of cheap imitations with lousy performance...Ladies meet the Dyson Ball

He has actually been with us for a few days and it is worth every hard earned penny. This vacume is awesome. The suction power is amazing compared to the Bissel i've been working with. C-ya Mr. Bissel! I'm in love!!
I commented when I put it together, that it reminds me of a transformer. This weekend we watched the new Transformer movie and in one of the first scenes there it was. The same Dyson ball became a transformer. I wanted so shout "that's my vacume, isn't it so cool." My little boy thinks so.


  1. Brandi,

    I've been salivating over the thoughts of "the perfect machine" since we moved to nearly all tile floors...can you tell me what this one does?

  2. Hi Kelly, I must have missed your comment all those months ago. So sorry! If you are still in the market for the perfect vacume, this is an excellent product. No filters to buy or replace just rinse clean every few months. Excellent suction power and guaranteed to never lose suction. Long extension wand for cleaning those ceiling fans. I have hard floors throughout aswell and this is great on either. Changes from carpet brush to hard floors with the push of a button. Only downfall is that it is pricey about $500. We saved for a little while but considering that we probably spend about $70 on cheap models about every 2 years, it will pay off. Again sorry so late to respond. I'm actually really tickled you visited my blog. LoL


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