Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fresh market day

This weeks shopping trip looks much different than the past. Today, I shopped the local produce market that is supplied by local farmers. If you read my last post, you know why the turn around in the way I feed my family. The documentary about food has changed the way we look at our food.

Even, my little boy is on board with the changes, and he used to ask for a Happy meal if we went anywhere near town. Now, he is informing everybody to stay away from fast food period. For snack time today I made smoothies. I will post the recipe a little later. They where delicious and healthy.
Here in Florida, it is just about planting season, and farmer husband is itching to get started. The land is tilled and turned. The seeds are being gathered. The fun is about to begin.

I am seeking all the information that I can find right now on clean/organic eating. Food that is raised and prepared the way the Creator created it to be. Cows should be pastured and eat grass, chickens should be pastured behind the cows for them to be healthy and clean, hogs should not be processed in filth. None of the animals we eat should need to be pumped with antibiotics. Eating animals that have been treated with antibiotics, can cause a human to become allergic to antibiotics. What about the growth hormone(rbst) given to milk cows to increase milk production and growth hormone to chickens to make them grow bigger faster. What have these hormones done to our bodies after so many years of consumption? Could this be contributing to the epidemic of obesity in our country? If it works on the cows and chickens, why would it not be effecting us? Just my thoughts...

I have become passionate about eating cleaner. Hope you are giving a second thought to your foods as well.

God bless and happy eats!

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  1. Hi brandi i will with you 100%. I have all the Clean Eating Books. There is a whole set of them and I get the magazine in the mail. On my blog this week I posted about a very good book on how God wants us to eat. I am so happy to see you making changes. If you have any questions or need help just let me know.We have been eating clean for a long time.


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