Monday, February 22, 2010


How is it, that in my area there doesn't seem to be any HAPPY stay at home mothers? About a year ago, I began following the blogs of a three mothers from Alabama. I had been reading one of the women's blog for much longer, when I realized that she referenced the blogs of her two best friends. So, I found the other two ladies and began following their stories. These ladies teachings, stories, and hearts about life and families changed my heart.

Two ladies have large families, each with eight children, and they all homeschool their children. And they are happy and blessed to walk this path. They attend the same church, they fellowship together with their families, and they count on each other. They seem like simple hard working folks. They shop at thrift stores, they bake bread, they live simple lives. The way my family lives.

I have spent the last year or longer trying to find other like-minded mothers in my own neck of the woods. I simply have found none. Not even in my own church. I have encountered other SAHM's but they seem to be miserable staying home. My home church seems to be filled with career driven women that drop the children at the nearest nursery so that they are free to conquer the world. A few times, I put myself out there and visited other SAHMs, but the conversations were awkward as was the visiting. I felt more comfortable engaged with our children at play. I just don't care about expensive designer cloths and it breaks my heart to hear another mother making plans to get back to her career asap.

I think I have actually alienated a friend from long ago because of my plainness. I like taking life at a turtles pace. Embracing the simple things in the day to day. I love collecting eggs every morning. I love baking our bread every other day. I love being with and homeschooling my children. I cherish my husband and do not talk bad about him to other women ( have encountered this).

It just donned on me, that there probably are other like-minded families around, but they are just busy making a joy filled life in the home. Like us.....

Home is our favorite place to be. Living our life, working hard in the garden, and raising our children. Life is good here on the home front!


  1. Hey neighbor it's amazing to hear that you are on the same journey as we are and we are so close. I too have been looking for SAHM's that were happy encouraging and uplifting. Like you I have also found some really neat blogs to glean from. I am so glad I found yours through facebook. We really need to get together sometime. I am sure the kids would have a great time. I just want you to know that I am so happy for you and what you have become in the Lord if we don't have him we don't have anything.
    Talk to you later,

  2. Dear Janet,

    Here I am looking for another like-minded mother/family on this journey of life. You have been just down the road the whole time. Such a blessing!!


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