Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Here in the South, Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping,
the rabbits are hopping, and the flowers are beginning to come alive.
So, I am making my list ready for some good old back busting deep cleaning.
Cleaning is apart of my everyday, but it is this time of the year I like to tackle
those once a year jobs.
Here is what I have to do so far...
  1. Wipe down all base boards.
  2. Mop and perhaps polish all wood floors.
  3. Clean inside and outside windows. (there are 24)
  4. Wipe outside cabinet doors, then polish.
  5. Remove all items from cabinets and clean shelves.
  6. Clean glass cabinet doors and shelves.
  7. Clean the oven.
  8. Outside, behind, and top of the refrigerator. Polish the Stainless steal.
  9. Clean and sort all closets. Lots of clothes to discard or donate from children's closets as well as my own.
  10. Exterior cleaning with pressure washer as the weather warms. Porches could use some touch up paint.
  11. Hang new kitchen curtains.
  12. Touch up spackling in left over holes around the house.
  13. Organize and take stock in the pantry and freezer.
Phew.... that is what I have so far.
I'm sure this list will keep us busy for a month. Just about time
to get busy pulling weeds in the garden.
Do you have a chore list this time of year?
Is it long or short?


  1. Your "Like Minded" post ~ I'll just say "me, too."'s Grace...

  2. Hello Dear Friend! Thank you for visiting. Yes, those are my favorite three too. Like-minded friend..... you are always in my heart.


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