Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kenpo Karate Kid

 For the longest time, he wouldn't move from my side.
Shy and timid little guy...he was. No longer is he that bashful boy.
Everyday, growing up and into the young man he is becoming.
 We prayed for an activity that would be suited for him. Something he liked, but would also teach life long skills. Most importantly, a boost to his self confidence. 
 We decided on Kenpo.  A street smart self-defense form of Karate.  In Kenpo, they are instructed to respect adults (yes sir/mam), to be thankful and gracious, to help others, to keep himself and his room tidy. The instructor is a kind Christian man and my boy is loving this course.
 Showing off his moves.
 I have to choke back my tears as I watch him in class.
(Who cries during Karate...I do...but don't tell him that :)
He makes me so proud to be his mama.

He blesses my life with his.

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  1. Just passing through and I hope your son has continued his Kenpo training. I will pray that the Spirit of the Most High and training in Kenpo blesses you for times to come.


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