Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sometimes..You Got To Getaway.

A last minute decision, turned out to be the most fun weekend of the Summer.

Some friends told us about this beautiful hotel with a water slide and lazy river.

 It didn't take us long to we threw our cloths into the suit case.
 A quick search on Expedia and we were off to Orlando.
 We drove straight to the hotel and didn't leave all weekend.
The boy went round and round on the water slide (we did too :)
I just love water slides!
When we were not twirling on the slide, we were a float on the lazy river.
I just love a LAZY river! 
 We shared delicious food. Steak Marsala makes my mouth water.
 Then we suited back up for more LAZY river. Only thing we could do after a meal like be LAZY.

No theme parks, no expensive tickets, no walking around until our legs ache,
 just a relaxing weekend getaway.
We fell in love with this hotel.
It is beautiful and new. Very reasonably priced, considering you get hotel and water park combined for less than one theme park admission ticket. Who needs Disney, when you can float the LAZY river all day.

We cherished this weekend together.
A few days of togetherness without thinking of our business.
Which btw, is getting  closer to opening. We have our shop, our county approval, licenses, appliances (most of them), waiting on furniture, waiting on some minor construction of walls, plumbing, painting, and the fun part decorating. Even if I am restricted, to decorating with a sports
Figured out what it is yet??

I'll post a few pictures of the shop next a clue;)

Sweet Blessings!


  1. Oh what suspense!
    We used to go to Orlando every spring and stay at the Mariott Conf. center. there is a huge pool with a water slide and lots of smaller pools, tennis courts...
    We used my husband's hotel points from all of his traveling.
    I have lots of pictures from those years. I don't think I could ever go back there again though...not without Andrew.

  2. My friend, my heart goes out to you with my prayers, still..always. I can let my heart feel a mother's grief and pain and know that everything is different now. Without Andrew HERE. Soon. HE will call us up to HIM. All together again.God is good!~brandi


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