Friday, August 13, 2010

Remember When?

Yaw, know I'm an old fashioned kind of girl.
Well, if you didn't know, now you do.
I love everything old and country this includes my TV 'wachin'. I even talk country(in my countrified twang :)

My favorite program has always been The Waltons. I have loved this show since I was a little girl.
A couple years ago they took it off the air, the reruns, I mean. I have missed watching all those Walton gatherings and the happenings of this God fearing, Blue Ridge mountain living family(btw,I dream of living in the Blue Ridge mountains someday).

 Sadly, in today's reality television watching society, The Walton's just didn't carry an audience. Except Me!!  Maybe a few others!  I miss programs like this. Good clean shows, where families gathered around dinner tables and prayed, the ladies were 'ladies', and men agreed over hand shakes. Their word was honest and good. Little House on the Prairie is another goodie.
Times were hard for families back then, but they were simpler.  Most folks had good values, faith in Jesus, and where honest hard working family.  Flash forward to modern day, we are doing our best to live and instill these values in our children. Trying to train our boy to understand the biblical principle for hard work. Raising my daughter to love serving a family. This family for now and one day her own. Of course, to hear it from her four year old heart, she's going to marry daddy. No other love for her...just daddy. Daddy's girl that one! I'm thankful her daddy has her sweet heart. She will hold any man that comes a courting (someday), in comparison to her daddy. He is a good man, so the bar is set high. I pray for the man that comes along after her high spirited heart. I do pray for the future match for my children.  Speaking of  'old fashionness', I hope my children embrace courting verses the all too 'casual' dating seen of today. You know what I'm talking about. How much dating did you do before marrying? Unfortunately, I did my share. Hoping to spare them that part of this world. 

Thanks to Netflix, I have been watching all my favorite episodes of The Waltons. We all have! Just like the Waltons gathering around their radio, we all gather around the lcd hdtv(not my purchase,the man chose it) to watch their show. OK, so not "just like" them :) But I do watch with my needle and thread in hand just like Ma Walton did.
Close enough!

GoodNight John Boy.

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