Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a Beautiful Life

I love our home school life. 
I miss teaching them when we take a break from 'doing' school.

Learning and life go hand in hand.

 My boy and I, have spent the Summer evening's reading through his children's Bible.
We are just about to finish with it, and then begin reading through his junior Bible.
It has more of the details in it.
This child absorbs the Word. He never lets me slide on our readings.  Every night, he reminds me that we have to read. I ask him questions and he can give me detailed responses.

He knows it! He gets it!
His eight year old heart breaths it in and retains the teachings.

 I learn so much from him.
My mother's heart cannot contain the joy of knowing my son loves the Lord so deeply.
I truly, cannot hope for a greater blessing.

 She loves Jesus too, and she loves playing with flour.
Teaching the little lady how to read this year, and colors, numbers...and anything else we decide to learn together :)

Pouring myself into them.
Living this life to serve my family.
Teaching, learning, and loving them every minute I can.

My friendly neighbor asked me the other day, "do you plan to always home school them."
To home school my children is a blessing.
A great blessing to us all.



  1. Do you already have all of your hs curriculum? Do you need any books? I have some I would send you.

  2. Hey Brandi, where did you get your desks, love them! Would love to get together sometime and talk about homeschooling and let the kids play.
    Talk to you soon,

  3. Ok the song is the song we played on baby Williams DvD..It brought tears to my eyes..
    Thanks for your prayers durning that difficult time..I was just reading over some old post after losing William and your name was there alot with words of love and encouragment so I jumped over to your blog and this song was playing:)

    God is so Good!

    love ya sister,


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