Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All In A Days Work

Does your day look like mine?

 With all that is going on these days, I am so grateful for slow days at home. Taking life at a turtle's pace. Teaching my little girl the letter J. Big J. Little j. J says jhhh.

My girl figured out recently, that she likes to take showers. Instead of baths. At anytime of the day, I will here the shower running. Just without notice, Gracie is on her fifth shower.
Like playing in the rain.
Tomorrow, she gets a scrub brush while she's in there.
Might as well make herself useful ;)

 Working with my third grader to learn multiplication. Watching the light bulb come on when he gets 2x4 is the same as 2+2+2+2. Ahhhh...wish these moments could last forever.

I was reading today at the Pioneer Women's blog. The "ten rules for blogging." Oh, I failed miserably. I think, that I broke all the rules. Especially, "blog everyday." I want too. Really, I do. By the time I sit down at the end of the day, all I want to do is read what your writing. My favorite mom blogs that I look forward to reading everyday (bellmel and just a fam). Beautiful mothers and beautiful writers. Your words bless me.

Then there's this that has to be tackled.
The never ending laundry pile.
 You know what I'm talkin about.
Mom Jobs!

This lovely pile waiting for me.
 Don't worry, I'll spare you the shot of my bathroom scrubbing duties.
 One day, I'm hiring a merry maid.
yyeeaaahhh.....prolly not, but a girl can dream.

 Arts and craft is my favorite time of day. I'm a crafty mama and I have crafty kiddos too.
Give us some macaroni and Elmer's and we can create a masterpiece.
Or just crayons and paper will do.
Perhaps some watercolors...

Then we're off to Karate where my boy earned a stripe to his white belt.
It was hard but I held back the ugly cry. I can't help it!
Now, in four weeks he'll earn his yellow belt. All bets are off.
A prideful tear will roll.

Just a lovely ordinary day.

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  1. I just discovered your blog from Bella Mella's blog. Your writing is wonderful. I remember these days you describe here. Had blogging been around when I was homeschooling our three children, I don't think I would have gotten anything done. I lack discipline, but am always working on it.


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