Monday, April 19, 2010

Bartering For Berries

My husband bartered with a friend for two flats of beautiful fresh strawberries. Our part, was a truck load of pine straw which we have in abundance on our farm. I'm definitely loving our part of the trade. We froze five gallon bags of strawberries for smoothies and homemade ice cream treats this summer. Then, I mashed seven cups of berry goodness.
Added some sugar and pectin.
My kitchen smells so sweet!

Filled them up!

Made them a nice hot bath.

Twelve lovely jars of tasty strawberry jam.
Enough to share and enjoy all year.
I'm thinking of wrapping a couple in Gingham fabric and giving them as lovely
Mother's Day gifts. :)
I personally, love handmade/homemade gifts and so does my dear MIL.


  1. Oh my I'll be right over!!!:)

    love ya sister,

  2. Hi Brandi,
    How fun. I love strawberries.
    Have a wonderful week end.


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