Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finding Joy in a Normal Day...

Can you find it in your day?? Sometimes, it is something so simple, others would not bother to notice. I have many simple pleasures that bring me so much joy.

That first cup of morning coffee. It has to be good coffee and in my favorite mug.

My favorite girlie apron. I love wearing an apron as I go about my day around the home.

A tidy comfortable home.

A few quiet moments on my front porch. Ceiling fans running, glass of iced tea, and my Bible. This is one of my absolute favorite ways to enjoy the day. Spending time with God in the Word and in prayer. Absolute fulfillment!

Clean sheets that smell of sunshine. I use a dryer but I sometimes take them out just before they are completely dry, and hang them on the porch.

Laughter of my children. Especially, if I am the source of their laughter. I don't mind getting silly!

Witnessing my son finally "get it" in his school work. Sometimes he has to really practice to gain understanding of something. Like spelling, but when he "gets it" he is so proud. His confidence is boosted and it is an amazing moment for a home schooling mom.

Waking up to my sweet precious three year old alarm clock. She usually climbs up and over me to snuggle in between her daddy and I. Then proceeds to say the funniest things. This morning it was "come to papa." I don't know where she gets her sayings but they are sometimes hilarious.

Do you take the time to savor the day? Maybe it's just a moment? Maybe it is just waking up to each new day. Do try to find the silver lining in this life?
This is your life!


  1. Your "normal" sounds beautiful.
    I love that first morning cup of coffee, the beginning of the day in Florida...even when it's hot and humid, the LAUGHTER of my family and towels hanging in the sun. I don't mind the roughness of them b/c it reminds me of my Mamaw's towels.
    I especially enjoy sitting in my backyard in my "fish chair my brother built" reading WORD. Yeah..."Come to PAPA."
    Sending my love to you today!

  2. Your simple pleasures sound beautiful. Growing up we didn't have a dryer for a while and I hated the scruffiness of the sheets and towels, but now I love it. Yes, it takes me back too.

    I look forward to a friendship with you on the "upside" someday.

    Sending you my love!


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