Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mothers of Daughters

I pose a question to the mother's of daughters. Do we as mothers, encourage our daughters to become mothers and keepers of the home? Do you make it a regular topic in your home? That it is a good thing to want to be a mother, wife, and keeper of the home. Will she grow up knowing that there is a distinct biblical role for the life of a woman and a man?

Have our own gender roles been blurred by years of feminist brainwashing? Speaking from the heart of a woman that refused to take her husband's name on their wedding day(sad, I know), I can now see how brainwashed I used to be. I'm afraid this generation (not all) are so far removed from the Creator's design for the natural order of things.

It starts early in life. When children are asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Is a little girl given the freedom to say "a mommy." Or will she be corrected, "No honey, besides that, what do you want to BE?" Because by societies standards, to be a good wife and mother, is simply not an achievement.

As a girl, nearing the end of her high school education, she will be pushed to go straight into four more years of university education. After all, she must obtain a career or be deemed unsuccessful (by the world's standards). If she is a product of government schooling, she will hear it, all her school age years (I did). I wish someone would have told me earlier in life, that God created a woman to be a helpmate to her husband. This really would have saved me many years of floundering through college, jobs, and pretty much life in general. If only I had seen the BIG picture more clearly.

Having lived through those years, I am now able to appreciate these years with so much gratitude for life. I am quick to play dolls and mommy with my daughter. I make sure to slip in references to when she is a mommy someday. I want her to know early, that being a good wife and mother, is the greatest life fulfillment for a woman.

I have so many thoughts in regards to the pitfall of the feminist movement. I think most of the fall of society and the disconnect of family can be traced back to the root of a feminist lie. To be continued...

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