Monday, April 12, 2010

Their Here!! The West Ladies are here.

Well, not really but the DVD series of the West ladies are here.
My very own copy of Hannah, CeCe, Vicki, and Jasmine.
If you have never heard of this mother and her daughters and their DVD series called Homestead Blessings, you are really missing out.
At least I think so. ;)

They are old fashioned in every thing they make and do.
(I love everything old fashioned).
They live and farm in Amish country in the hills of Tennessee.
Last week, Vision Forum ran a sale on the entire collection of Homestead Blessings.
I have been waiting to own this series for a very long time.
A while back, I got my hands on a copy of the bread making DVD and it was love at first sight.
They really are a blessing, and I am thankful to have my very own.

I have much to learn...

The series covers:
The Art of...
Dairy delights, bread making, canning, herbs, cooking, candle making,
soap making, gardening, and sewing

These are a perfect addition for our homeschooling library,
or for a family that loves to learn as we work.
(Secretly) I know my husband anticipated some of these DVDs. He is really looking forward to learning how to can our harvest.

Well, I waited until chores where done before I sit down to watch.
I'm off to make myself a cup of coffee and start watching.
Thing is I can't decide which one first.
Probably, soap making because my soap didn't do so well.

Many blessings from this homestead to yours.


  1. I have never heard of them before but that sounds so interesting, especially because I am having a hard time with my bread. Also we are anticipating a huge garden this year and I am also trying to learn how to can. God has truly blessed us with living out in the country and being able to garden and provide healthy foods for our family. Thanks for the great resource I will have to check them out.
    By the way your blog is great!

  2. Hey Janet, Thank you for visiting my blog.

    In agreement, we are blessed to live out here.

    I really do want us to get together, my children would love to play with yours. I'm just always worried about intruding. Friday's are a little less busy for me around here, and I would love to set up a visit. The distance is so far for might get in shape if we walk down to your house...;)

    I'm gonna type out that bread recipe for you a little later. It's really easy!

  3. Hey girl don't ever worry about intruding we are always home and would welcome the company. Fridays are good for me as well so anytime you can call or facebook or email me. Talk to ya soon,

  4. We all love the West Ladies videos, the only new one I have is the cooking one, tried to order the sewing and it was on back order, did you try their ways to make soap? I bought all the stuff but haven't done it yet. Aren't they great, I think they live within a few hours of here but not really sure where. They are a blessing to so many!! missy


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