Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andrew went home today...

Through tears and a broken heart, I write these words. Today, sweet Andrew went to be with Jesus.

Until August, this child was healthy and whole. He was a skateboarder and a normal happy boy. How things can change in a moment. The last four months, were unimaginable for this child and his family. It's so hard for me to wrap my mind around situations like this. Yes, I have the "why Lord" questions, but I know that this side of heaven there is no understanding this.

I never met Andrew or this family, but we share a bond of love for Jesus. In that bond, we are family. I can feel this mother's pain. I can also hear her heart in her words. I know the love I feel for my children. It's a love that is greater than any other earthly love. Hear me when I say this, this love cannot be severed. Not even death can sever a love as great as this.

Thank God, that this life is so short. That death is not permanent. To us, it seems long but through eternal eyes, it's just a moment. One moment to get it right. To love!

One day, either by death or rapture, all that know and love Christ, will be together for all of eternity. "And death will be no more" hallelujah to that. I wait on that day. I yearn for that day. You see, I am not of this world, I'm just in it. Briefly!

I have lost two great loves during this life. It's a wound on my heart. I am a mother of a child, I never had the chance to know. I think about him or her though. Who would you have been? I love you so much and one day I will hold you. The other, is the closest friend I have ever had. I miss her everyday. But my heart is full and I rejoice in the promise of Jesus. He went before us, to prepare a place and one of these days....He Will Return. Praise to His Mighty Name!

One day, this family will wrap their arms around their sweet Andrew again. Until then, I will pray diligently for their peace. I pray that the coming days be bearable for them. I can't imagine the heaviness of this heartache. I so believed Andrew would be healed. Today, he was.

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