Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Bass House

My favorite ladies! Amy (sister), Grammie (my mama), and the big forehead is me. My most favorite little lady riding her new bike.....

The tall one is my man Jason, BIL Nathan, and sis making their plates.

This is the result of my house by the end of the day. I don't know why, I clean so much before everyone comes over. Because by the time they leave, it is a disaster. Next year, I think I'll just not clean before and save up my energy for the aftermath.

Mom Nita (MIL), her husband Robert, and Aunt Annette.

Gracie's new favorite thing (and mine too). We will have so much fun playing with this. By the end of the day, this house was fully furnished. Have to post a picture of it decorated.

My special Christmas items. Can't wait to sit with a cup of coffee and read for hours.

My boy and his Star War Lego set.

About 7:30 am. Before, the paper shredding got into full swing.

one more time....

Christmas Eve party at Grammies. Fondue girl! See the dripping down the chin!

Amy, Brandi (me), Mom, Mandy

Amy and my nephew Andrew! This is a sweet moment!

Mom, Dylan, and Gary

Grammie and her babies all snuggled in watching, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

We had a wonderful Christmas Day! We joyfully celebrated the birth of our Lord. Jesus is the reason to celebrate each day. I love these people, and I am thankful for them in my life. I hope all of you had a beautiful day of togetherness, and I hope every ones house is as disastrous as mine. God's Blessings to all!

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