Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Duck at the Door

Reading is my favorite past time. I love good books. It is my hope, that my children grow to appreciate books throughout their lives. Already, my daughter shares my love for reading. This is her favorite right now. I must say, mine too! :)

It was a quiet night until...
Knock, Knock, Knock!
It's a Duck!

Max, is his name!
Max moves right on in and makes himself at home.

In February he discovered he had a flair for cooking.

Max, quickly takes over the house.
Someone had to talk to Max.
But who??

Just then Max burst into the room yelling, "Listen to the quacking! My flock has returned! I can't wait to see them."

Just like that Max was gone.

Life was ordinary again.
Nobody took over the remote and
Brody didn't have to share his bed.

Oh, how they all missed Max!
sniff, sniff...

What happens next??

I'll not ruin the ending for you.

Fridays are our field trip to the library.
We love to explore all the books. After the library, we feed the ducks.

Gracie always wants to bring the ducks home.
But mom bribes her with ice cream scoops instead.

Happy Day!!

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  1. happy mothers day sweet friend..

    your thoughts encourage me....



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