Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green Beans in the Garden

What says Summer more than, snapping green beans on the front porch. I remember so many summer days sitting on my grandfather's porch shelling peas by the bushel. We would shell so many beans my thumbs would be raw for days. We're doing our best to create those same memories (and skills) for our children.
It is my hope for them, to know how to grow and preserve their own food. This world is uncertain at times. We must know how to provide for ourselves and others.

These lessons, you just won't find in school but you will in our school.

This is a learning experience for our entire family.
We had never canned vegetables before today.
It was really very easy!
We hope to be canning all Summer, filling the pantry with our harvest.

All you really need is a pressure canner and jars.

Fresh organically grown and preserved green beans.

Spend time with your family learning something new this Summer.
Learn to bake fresh bread, plant seeds in the earth, harvest a crop of something even if it is just tomatoes. Real soon, we will be in abundance of tomatoes. I plan on canning tomato sauce, making fresh salsa, and anything else I can think of with all these tomatoes.
From my homestead to yours, blessings to you!
(If you have any questions on how to can vegetables, I'm happy to help.)


  1. Hi Brandi ,
    What wonderful memories. I have a few green beans on my plants too. I am enjoying catching up with you today.

  2. I am so impressed!!! I put up lots of zipper peas one year. And I have had my share of snapping beans and shelling blackeyed peas.
    I love your "home grown" posts.

  3. I really, really want to grow some veggies in my yard. Tried to do some tomatoes last year, but it didn't go so in FL, in a subdivision, we have our grass sprayed for bugs and weeds, these are my concerns. Is it too late to get started? How much time should I plan for them? How much money should I invest? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!


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