Monday, May 24, 2010

Finding the Deals...

It's been a while since I posted about grocery shopping and frugal finds. I'm still couponing every week but I no longer shop for the cheapest food at the market. After all, this is the sustenance that is going into our bodies. There are somethings you don't want just because it's cheap.

This weeks best deals and savings...I made a rare stop by the Food lion for a stock up sale on Edy's ice cream and fruit bars (Big girl birthday party coming up). With the Edy's the more you buy the more you save. They were 1.99-$1/2mf cp=1.49 each. Tostitos are bogo at 3.99 and I had a tear pad coupon for a free bag of kettle chips when you buy 2 tostitos. Remember all that homemade salsa we are about to make......I just found its match. (I likes me some tostitos and salsa when we're out by the pool.):)

In our efforts, to be choosier about our food, we have switched to all organic milk and meat. Some good friends, included us in the purchase of all grass fed beef. We purchased 1/4 of a cow for two dollars per pound. For $200 we filled our freezer with lean, delicious, hormone/antibiotic free beef.

Also, at Food Lion, All detergent for $2.99-$2.00 manf. coupon=.99 each. Good stock up price! I have six months worth of detergent in my stockpile but when I find it for $1.00.....stock it.

Last, my stop by the Publix (iheartpublix).
Quick list:

Orvill R. popcorn bogo 2.99-2x.75manf.cp=.75 each box.
Betty Crock. brownies at %50 off 1.31-$1/2=.81 each
Crystal Light bogo at 3.99-$1.00cp= $1.00 each (these are 4.00 regular price) I love Crystal Light and I had 14 on my list but they where out of stock, but I got my trusty rain check for next week. We really go through this stuff on hot Florida days. I need to replenish my supply. :)
Ritz bogo last week on rain check for 3.69-2.00cp=.85 each
Kellogg's cereal bogo 4.39-.70 blinkie=1.50 each (stock up price for cereal)

Infusium shampoo+conditioner FREE.....5.99 each -bogo publix cp -3.00 manf.cp -3.00 Walgreens competitor coupon.
Aussie shampoo and styling product on sale 2.39-2.00manf cp.=.39 each

Have I said lately that I love Publix. They really go above and beyond.....and shopping is always a pleasure. Not just because they have a awesome coupon policy and I get free shampoo. The staff are always so friendly, the store is always clean, and I love their Greenwise products. No one snarls at me when I hand over my stack of coupons. :) Over this past year, I see so many shoppers with their big coupon notebooks. That is not me!! I carry a tiny little binder and it is well organized. The notebook stays home, where all the planning is done before I get to the store. I have a list, my coupons organized (almost OCD like people) and I get in and get out. Mission Accomplished!!!

The YODA of coupons.....just jokin yaw...;p

Please don't think I feed my family brownies and chips for dinner. If you have never read my couponing101 post (August 09), then you probably don't get my method of shopping. I shop for the staples like milk and bread weekly but I stockpile the best deals each week. This way I never pay full price when I need something. We grow our own produce and what we don't grow, I buy locally grown. Eggs.....well those are fresh every morning.

I'm just curious, any couponing HOME ECONOMIST visiting here??

Lovely day to you!
(all of these deals can be matched up at and


  1. Great Job Brandi. I got some of the ice cream too for the our week end cookout. I have had lots of coupon savings this week. I found lots for organic food and cleaning supplies. I have TP for a year. LOL

  2. Way to go! I heart Publix, too. Last year this time I was doing great with the couponing and match ups to Bogos, also Cvs. But...things happened. I need to get back to my thrifty grocery shopping ways.
    Do you have chickens?

  3. Since I found through your site, I have saved more money that I ever thought possible. I even have Mom saving now. I wish we had a Food Lion in Tally still because I see so many good deals with them. I also have a small binder that goes with me to the store and the big one is at home. I check out the site on Friday or Saturday night, do the matchups and I'm ready for my weekend shopping. I love it! Thanks so much for your site. Without it, I wouldn't be saving and stockpiling like I am.


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