Monday, May 10, 2010

my special day

My boy woke up early Saturday morning thinking it was Mothers day. He had a plan! He locked himself in my closet for an hour up to something, he was. When he finally emerged, I gently informed him Sunday is mothers day. All day, he was eager to give me his gift but we waited. Early Sunday morning, they surprised me with special gifts. This beautiful love letter from my boy to his best girl. See that's him and I, he is telling me "I love you" and happy muthrs day. Treasure this, I will!
Bring on the jewelry! They say, "diamonds are a girl's best friend" but I say my jewelry made of beads are this girl's treasure. I have lots! :) These are my newest mothers day editions.

My sweet husband made a big breakfast and then cleaned the kitchen. He also, made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I was left speechless.......for about a minute. Wonderful man of mine! I could grow to love this side of you that cooks and cleans. ;)

I spent the rest of my day enjoying my family on such a beautiful day.

Laughing at silly boys! Remember that old break dance move the "kick worm" this is my nephew's version. He was surprisingly good at it for such a big boy. He keeps us laughing!

Garrett had to give it a go! No such luck with lift off, but still, very funny to watch.

My sweet mama!

My boy showing some off some of his dance moves. He does that a lot!
Thank you family for a wonderful day.
I get to be their mom and that makes my everyday MOTHERS DAY.

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