Monday, May 3, 2010

home sweet home

Going away has its perks. Beautiful hotels, no cleaning, relaxation.... but the best part is coming home again. I am a major homebody!! I love it when my car doesn't leave the driveway for days sometimes weeks. Getting away for a few days reminds me how much I love home.

I said no cleaning was a perk of hotel life, but in my own home, I enjoy cleaning. I love the smell of a fresh clean house. Of course, around here that is always a work in progress. We live here....I mean really live in these walls.

Love is shared here, math problems are worked out here, pictures are painted here, secrets are whispered and giggled over here, Lego sky scrapers are built here. Life is lived here!

Right about now...I am dreaming of a long soak here.


  1. That tub is awesome, we had one of those during my childhood years and I didn't realy appreciate it. Would love to still have one. Hope you all have gotten things back to normal with your neighbor. I'm sure that is very nerve wracking. Missy

  2. We have not been fired upon since...thankfully. :)

    My great grandmother had a really old house. When we would visit, I always looked forward to bath time in her big deep claw foot tub. Memories...

  3. I want that tub! I totally get the "homebody" part. Me, too.

  4. I am a homebody here...but I love to travel ther...does that make any sense???
    And girl, with the 6 of us we now resort to cabins on vaca...yeah I get to clean...did I mention I hate to clean, LOL!


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