Friday, May 7, 2010

Someone Has To Do It

The reality about cooking, cleaning, and laundry is that they have to be done. No way around it! It doesn't matter if you are single, married, children or no children, someone has to do it. No one is going to show up and do the wash for you.
Of course you could pay someone to do it, but would they put their heart into the home like you would? Would they plan a healthy meal with fresh ingredients from the garden? Would they create a home that your family loves to live in?

As homemakers we have the opportunity to take our time with these daily tasks. We don't have to be in fast forward all the time. We can make our homes a place of comfort and contentment. Creating a legacy of love and joy for our children.

I hope to encourage you to live a thoughtful and meaningful life as you make a home. Serving your family can be creative and fulfilling if you make the choice for it to be. Each moment you can choose to notice life's little luxuries, the beauty around you, and give praise to your creator for all your blessings.

Laugh with your children, enjoy fresh warm towels, the birds outside your kitchen window, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and realize that each new day is a gift from God.

Someone has to do it. I'm so grateful it gets to be me.
I want to wish you all a
Be blessed my friends!

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