Wednesday, June 2, 2010

popsicles and cannon balls

So, it's that time of year again.
When every afternoon, is spent in the water until little hands and feet are pruned.
When I hear, over and over "CANNON BALL!!"

The most fun and relaxing time of year. The school books are tucked away for a little while. Cousin Carlee's coming to visit for two weeks of fun in the sun.Endless popsicles and ice cream treats.

Hair is getting blonder, skin is a lil' sun kissed, and the smell of Coppertone lingers in the air.

Summer time!
It's almost a magical time for little people.
I remember when...

This will be a Summer of "YES"

Yes, we can go swimming everyday.
Yes, Carlee can stay another week.
Yes, you can have popsicles and ice cream everyday.
Yes, we can go to the water park.
Yes, Yes,and Yes.
The laundry might pile up,
The dishes may sit in the sink,
we are making memories here.
Think I will hang a sign on the front door that reads...

My house was clean last week...sorry you missed it. :)

Hope your Summer is full of fun and joy!


  1. You've been given the Honest Scrap blog award!

  2. You have the sweetest soul, and you are a wonderful loving mother, wife, daughter, and sister. Everything you do is from the heart, because you care, for good or bad. LOL. I love reading your posts, they are both instructing and humorous. I love you, Brandi. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anon, to whom might you be??:)my love to you sis.

  4. Hi Brandi,
    Looks like so much fun.
    Enjoy your week end.


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