Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Day Out

They are so special to me.
I cherish every moment of this life. All the
while knowing, we will have them for only a short time.

I better get it right!

This school year was coming to an end and I wanted to do something special. Something simple, but different from our ordinary day.

We laughed a lot as we watched Marmaduke. Always choose a movie with talking animals, and you will never go wrong. The laughing is my favorite part. My day consist of laughter and how can I make it happen as much as possible.

A dinner out with vanilla milkshakes and chicken tenders. Bringing out all the favorites.
I tell them, how proud they make me. How they work hard at their lessons, and everything they do.
I admire how they look after each other. How they want to sit by one another. Don't get me wrong, there are the daily squabbles, but let one get into some kind of trouble, there is always the defender.

It must have been a good day!
Because it ended with two snoring precious children riding in my car.

My heart can't contain the joy it feels...so I share it with you.

Tuckered out!
I'm already planning the next surprise afternoon.
This time, there will be water slides and lazy rivers to experience.
Summer time...you gotta love it!

Hope you are enjoying the Summer!


  1. Oh sweet friend enjoy the ride every minute of it. Laugh with these two and enjoy that hubby of yours:)


  2. Hi Brandi,
    what a fun day. Yes do treasure them. They grow up fast.


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