Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomatoe Tomato

See that lazy yellar dog?? I love that fur ball!
He moves from front porch to back porch depending on the time of day.
Cool bowl of refreshing water and a ceiling fan running wide open...HOT Florida Summers...
sometimes he stands up long enough to take a dip in a little wading pool.
Yes, there is a sand box on my back porch...
My girl needs shade and fan to build castles!

I, however, have been steaming it up in the kitchen.
Pizza sauce with "maters" straight from my tomato patch.
The deer and I are at battle. Every morning, I wake up to more half eaten tomatoes.
I have been waiting to grow big fat Beef Steaks all year, and the deer think they can just prance on in to feast. We shall see...Bambi or me???

This is really a Summer of first around here....I canned a dozen jars of Kosher pickles.
I have been hovering over so much steam.....I'm wrinkled.
Least, I tell myself it's the steam. lol...

The wild blackberries are in abundance on the farm.
Come, please, pick all you want!
I hate seeing them go to waste. With all the rain lately, they are so plump and sweet.
My freezer is packed with juicy berries.
This Winter, we will have cobblers, smoothies, and muffins mmmmm...

We be jammin again!
(i love listening to Bob Marley in the summertime)
His music just feels like vacation, even in my own kitchen.

So much corn!
It didn't turn out as sweet as last year's. We must have planted different seeds.
Someone told me to boil it with milk and sugar. That will sweetener up! :)

Out and about lately....
I drove through the small town of my childhood church.
This is a drive by shot of the little one room Baptist church.
With exception of the ramp, it looks the same.
It still has the out house outback.

The church we attend now, has theatre seating with a coffee bar/bistro inside.
I prefer somewhere in the middle....less fancy Nancy but with indoor plumbing.
Thankfully, God's Word is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. No matter where you worship! Just worship Him!

Truthfully, this is my most favorite place to visit God.
I talk to Him here.
I listen for Him here.
I sing and praise Him here.
He meets me, right where I am.
All my devotion spills out to the Lord, right here.

Many homestead blessings!

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  1. Wow Brandi Lots of fresh produce.All looks yummy.


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