Sunday, June 6, 2010

Party Time

My girl turns four.....oh, how the years are passing so quickly. I miss having a baby. I miss her being my baby. I loved holding this sweet little bundle all swaddled in her blanket, rocking, and singing to her for hours. If only we could pause time for a moment more. Savoring those precious moments that come and go. So quickly, that if your not focused on them, you could very well miss them altogether.

My girl and her new cat Fluffy.
She's been asking me for a cat for weeks.
Grandma surprised her!
No Fluffy is not real, but sometimes it's hard to tell.
She purrs, licks her paws, and meows just like a real kitty.
Fluffy will do for now!

Finally, the Dora pinata is going down.
We have held onto Dora since Gracie's 2nd birthday.
Yes, I am a saver!

My name is Brandi....and I am a birthday party decoration saver.
please help me.....

The other wished for item, a mud pie maker.
Mama knows,
you only wanted this because the sink really has water and the mixer really works.
You told me so many times! :)
This will be many hours of fun this summer.

Boys, taking over her kitchen.
I know how you feel baby.
Lately, your daddy is in my kitchen more than me.

Of course, she had to bring the day to a close like this.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


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  2. Channie Mae says Happy Birthday....
    Hope your day was Great.
    Channie can't believe you're four like her.

    love from The White house


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