Friday, November 13, 2009

Homeschool Prayer

I will teach my children because I love God, And because I love them.

I will know my children, and my children will know God.

Together, we will travel this road of learning.

If they learn by seeing-I will let them look.

If they learn by hearing-I will let them listen.

If they learn by doing-I will let them do.

I will take time for each child to grow and blossom.

If one falls behind, I will slow down until they catch up.

If one is soaring, I will give them the wings they need to fly higher.

I will take time to listen, to hear, what they need.

I will learn what makes them special.

I will give them what they need for this life, and for the next.

I will love them, teach them, train them, adore them.

What we do is not always EASY-but it is ALWAYS worth it!

-Author unknown

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