Thursday, November 5, 2009

They never seen it coming.....

She who gathers money little by little makes it grow. Proverbs 13:11

It's been a while since I posted my awesome deal Thursday. That's because there really hasn't been that great of sales and savings. Publix stores have changed up their coupon policy some since so many wise shoppers have gotten on board the coupon wagon. So, I had to adjust my strategy and regroup my couponing mission. ;-) Well, I'M BACK and Publix can't keep a girl down.

First up CVS
OOP 12.00 after coupons and ECBs
I got 6x glade oil scented candle holders and 7x refills for about 3.00 3x bags of MM's 4.00, and 2x bottles of ensamble 2x dawn for 5.00. This was done in two CVS stores. Kickin hiny and taken names baby!! FYI, no I don't need all these smell goods but they make awesome Christmas gifts for ladies.
Okay, next up is club PUB. Since my freezer is stuffed full of whole chickens, chic breast and tenderloin, chuck roast, ribs, pork loins today was not a meat shopping day. Just the best deals going that we needed for the pantry.

Total spent OOP 44.52 total saved 105.33 cha ching!! The man behind me gasped when when the lovely cashier announced my savings. At first he was not liking the wait but when he seen how much my savings was, I think he understood.
Lots of freebies or near freebies going on...
Welch's juice bogo 2.99-2x1.00mf.=.99/2
Special K bogo 3.99-2x1.00mf.=2.00/2 plus 2.00 off milk wyb 2 kellogs c. peelie
Nestle refrig. cookie dough 3.39 bogo-2x1.00mf=1.39/2 x 8 (freezer stockup for holidays)
greenworks detergent 7.99-3.00mf-2.00pub cp.=2.99/1 (good buy)
Kashi cereal 2.50x2 -3.00x2 mf cp (mailer)= +1.00
Betty crocker pot. bogo 1.39-.40x2=.60/2
Ragu bogo 2.53-.75/2mf-.50/1 foodlion=1.28/2
Hunts tom. 1.39 bogo -.50/2=.90/2 + pam spray 2.50-1.25pub cp wyb hunts tom.
tylenol 40ct. 3.99-3.00 grn adv flyer cp. -1.00mf= free
Energizer 16ct. 9.97-3.50pb cp-1mf=4.57 (all those battery toys)
The best deal of the day is this large bottle of Bertolli EVOO for FREE!!! Had a coupon, no longer available.
Last of the deals today 12 cans gg veg .50ea at wolly world on sale. I know there are gg veg cps out there but I did not have them with me when I came upon this deal. These are usually .98 ea so a good deal without cp. I also have my produce pile not pictured. 10# russett pot. price match with local veg. market 1.89. Grapes 1.49lb wm.
That's all folks!! I just get tickled when I save some money!!

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