Sunday, November 1, 2009's been a non stop on the go weekend....can't wait for Monday and a restful school day...

It has been one thing or another this weekend. All fun but I am looking forward to slowing down for the week. When most folks are gearing up for the Monday morning rush....we are settling in for a relaxed school week.

This was the Fall festivities Saturday night at our church. They really do it up for the community. About ten of these bouce castles and tons of candy booths. There goes country mouse (oh but today she is tiger girl) and cousin Andrew coming down the slide.
The most awesome praise and worship team. I could of sat down and listened for hours but "mom I want to go over here, come on".......
Dad and Tiger girl.

This was Friday night in the downtown park. They had a costume contest and a live band. Then at dark Monster vs. Alien movie.

We packed our dinner picnic and ate supper on the court house steps. I made bags of popcorn for the movie and the candy was all around. ENOUGH with the candy. Please...... Oh, the dental bills.....
This was our first trip to the movie in the park. It goes on from March to October the last Friday of the month. This will definately be something fun to do in the spring. I don't know about those hot humid summer nights. This is our small town community fellowship.

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