Monday, November 30, 2009

Much To Be Thankful...

Tonight, my family is beginning to feel better. The past four days have been fevers, snot, coughing, yucky stuff , and more coughing. My husband has returned to work tonight after four days in the bed. He is still suffering with sinus pain, but he endures this every year at this time. A gift he inherited from his father, I suppose.

My children still have nasty coughs periodically, but no fever sickness. All are on the mend...Thankfully!

But my heart is aching for the mothers and fathers sitting beside hospital beds tonight. Sitting, praying,....Begging for God's healing hand to reach down and touch. I hurt for that mother tonight...I pray that your little boy or girl receives that healing tonight. I pray that those doctors are amazed by all the miracles tomorrow morning. I pray that hearts that ache tonight, rejoice in the morning light. Singing the Lord's praise for His miracles.

Please Precious Saviour, heal Andrew tonight. Dissolve those monster cancer cells. They are intruders in his body and are not welcome. Please, bring this family a renewal of hope and peace during these difficult days.

My children are getting better, and I am so thankful. When, I sat for hours rubbing a little feverish head, I couldn't help but feel a small bit of the fear those Mommy's and daddy's are feeling everyday. Praying for her to be better by morning. Watching her feel a little better with each new day.

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