Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Bounty!!

Instead of posting a picture of everything I purchased today, i'm just showing the free or $1.00 or less items.

These deals came from Walmart and Publix.

6 glade candles bogo 3.49-1.50/2=1.00each (my house is smellin some kinda good)
2 Kellog's Crispix bogo 3.99-2.00cp= 1.00 each (makin some Pioneer Women chex mix this weekend. If you don't know the Pioneer Women's recipes, YOU are missing out BIG TIME. She's da Bomb!!
Milk 3.09-2.00cp=1.09
soft soap .79-.40cp=.39
8x McCormick gravy packets bogo .99-.50/2=.25 each
2x smart balance butter bogo 3.09-2.00cp=1.09/2 (not pictured) FREE SB sour cream wyb SB spread.
4x Lindsay olives bogo 1.99-1.00/2=.50 each

2x Kikkoman soy sauce .98-1.00/2=.50 each
4 x carefree products 1.00 each- 4x 1.00cp= FREE
4 x kotex products 1.00 each - 4x1.00cp= FREE
1 EPT test (hopeful thinking) 4.44 -4.00cp= .44
1 Bic razors 2.88- 2.00cp= .88
2 x mission tortilla 1.44-1.00cp=.44 each

The Disney movie UP. Walmart 19.99-10.00cp=9.99-send of for two rebates at 5.00 each=free movie. We like to have a movie night once a week. Guess what tonights feature film is gonna be? I'm not telling them until movie time. They are gonna be so excited to have this movie. Love that!!


  1. Okay Brandy....I so don't need to stock up on EPT....I would cry...LOL!! I love the Pioneer Woman....did you get her cookbook? My friend is going to her book signing in Atlanta in January!!!

  2. I would jump for joy!! I would so love a house full of precious little ones. If it be in His will for us, but if not, our cup runneth over with blessings anyway.

    PW cookbook is on my Christmas wish list ;-)(my mama is getting it for me). Pioneer women is so funny (her blog). She was also on t.v. last week and in Nov. issue of Southern Living. Her recipes are awesome! Yes, luv me some PW. LoL...


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