Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trash to Treasure

You know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's (or women's) treasure." Well, I have been trash collecting lately. My dear sweet beloved was helping some family move recently. When they where clearing out their shed, they where pointing out things to leave or throw away. This 100 year old church pew was really rough looking with cob webs and some broken pieces. They didn't want to bother moving it as they where downsizing home wise. So my smart hubby had a light bulb moment! He loaded it up and brought it home. Needless to say I was not thrilled. I informed him that thing was not coming in this house. We decided to put it out on our pool deck for extra seating. Works for me!!

He was not thrilled because he had a vision for this church pew, but i was not listening. Silly me, because he was right. That's right ladies, let me say it again, He Was Right! My husband is not the decorator type. Don't get me wrong, when we built our house, he has good ideas and really nice taste. Last year we took a cruise, one morning he went for a walk. About a hour later, he came back and told me, I just bought a Thomas Kincaid picture in the art gallery. Hmmmm, okay sweetheart. Can we afford a Thomas Kincaid picture? It's really a beautiful picture. (whisper) I was really shocked he did this, but I loved that he did it. It made him feel good to choose something nice. No, it's not a TK original it's a lithograph but to him, it was a priceless painting. It was beautifully framed and shipped to us. We actually got a free painting with our TK and that painting is hanging in the picture below. He knows what he likes but I have to really think about it....visualize it....sleep on it....then make my decision. Okay, back to the pew. So the bench sat on the pool deck for about the last two months of summer and some of September. One night while flipping through a magazine, I saw IT! I saw the same pew and it was beautifully refinished. It sat in the front entryway of a home. It was beautiful! I ran over to him with the magazine,"look at this," I said. "Yeah, that's what I wanted to do with that bench," he said. Well, slap me silly! My man is a decorator!! Who'd a thunkit? Yes ladies, listen to your man. When, he shows up with an old piece of furniture and says he has a vision. I couldn't visualize his vision, so I dismissed it. There is a lesson (for me) here.
So the next day, he went to work on his 100 year old church pew. He sanded, removed some rotted pieces, and stained. It really turned out beautiful and without further ado, our pew that adorns our front entry way.

I love how this turned out. I'll have to post a picture of that TK painting sometime. I walk past it everyday and at least once a day, I still stop and stare at it. So much detail, I suppose that's why they call him the "painter of light."

This is my trash to treasure find. Driving home from town one day I saw this bench on the side of the road. RRRRrrrrrrr, tires squealing.......My 9 month pregnant sister and I loaded it in my truck. Score!!!! Once again, my dear Jason sanded it down and now it awaits a shlackin (that's what I call it) to make it waterproof. It's gonna be our new coffee table. I saw this idea in a magazine too. Luv it!!
These cuties I found on the side of the road sitting beside a pile of trash. RRRRrrrrrr, brakes a smokin..... I'm gonna ware out my breaks stopping for roadside treasure ;) The owner yelled to me, "if you want'um, i'll help you load'em" ouhhhhh, I squealed in delight. "Yes sir, I want'em, Thankyou!"
Perfect little retro school desk for our school area. Take a closer look, that's right, they are orange and blue. Gator colors! (First thing my husband noticed) It was meant to be! My littles just love them. My sweet man gave them a good scrub and whalaa!

So remember folks, the next time you put your trash out, if you hear breaks squealing, it's just me. ;0)
Love it!

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