Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frugal mama shops

A girl can't wear ripped yoga pants all the time. LoL... but yeah, that's about right. Even frugal girl, is still a girl, and she likes pretty new things hanging in her closet.
Yesterday, I had a couple hours in the afternoon to get away and run my errands. I made a beeline for the mall. :)I hardly ever shop at the mall (our mall has about five stores and a JCPenny). As you know, I am more of a thrift shop girl. But I have held on to a gift card since Christmas, and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I found some really cute things and some on the clearance racks. JCPenny was having a huge clearance sale with the added bonus of a scratch off ticket worth 15% saving on the total purchase. Nice!
I found three cute tops.....The floral embroidering is so pretty. I just love peasant tops and these have that feminine gathering in the sleeves. They were not on sale but I couldn't resist.

I found two really cute floral skirts. These are longer skirts with a ruffle at the bottom. The tag said they can be worn as a dress or a skirt. Not here they can't! That would be a really short dress. Uhhhh, no thank you!
At some of my favorite blogs, the ladies always wear pretty skirts. Ladies and girls in skirts are so feminine. I used to love skirts and dresses as a young girl, but now days I slap on the yoga pants and pony tail the hair. Trying to make change here....I am trying to give my little girl a better example of female femininity. I keep the yoga pants for my workouts.

Lastly, these cutie pies caught my eye on the way out the door. I live in Florida, and we wear flip flops and sandals pretty much everywhere. Considering, we have about seven months of hot weather. Well normally we do, but this "global warming" has really mixed up our weather pattern. Right now we can't seem to get above 50 degrees outside. OHHH, that's right "global warming" means the Earth is too hot. Whatever Al Gore!! :p

Cutie shoes

This was not apart of today's bargain hunt, but it was a bargain. I had always wanted a sleigh bed with wood and iron work. Last fall, mom and I were out yard sale hunting when we passed a tent sale at a local high end furniture shop. What do you know was sitting all the way in the back. This beauty! It's a queen and we really wanted a king, but we have come to like the smaller size. "Smaller beds make better marriages." :) I'm just being cheeky!
The new latex mattress was not such a bargain, but we get the best sleep on this mattress. Good sleep is priceless!! (Sorry about the brightness of my picture. This was with the blinds closed and it's still so bright.)

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  1. Dark blue peasant blouse is really cute...great bed, too.
    Too cold in FL.


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