Thursday, March 18, 2010

happenings on the farm

Grace, my artist, spends her morning painting her miniature tea set.
Not a morning passes, that my little lady is not
up before everyone else, drawing and painting.
My bedroom wall is proof of her best work.:)
I love my little Picasso.I am bottle feeding two orphaned kittens, every 4 hours.
We've never really been cat people.
We had a cat years ago but decided to not get another once she was gone.
Lately, our girl, has been asking for a cat.
Guess what daddy came home with Saturday?
TWO newborn kittens!!
The manager at Lowes asked him to take them because the mother had not came back.
They are cute....but every 4 hours.
I'm thinking tonight, they can wait until morning.

I WON...
I have never won a contest....not even the three legged race in second grade.
But I won this darling little book about homeschooling.
A GREAT big thank you to Lisa at

I'm going on a journey.
To the South of France...well....not exactly.
I'll think about the South of France when I use this French soap.

I have read stacks of books and researched websites.

The ingredients are here, and tomorrow I will attempt to make soap.
I feel like a chemist.
To be honest, I made a batch last month.
It flopped!
I know what I did wrong.
One batch of oatmeal honey soap is
on the to do for Friday.
So exciting!
One day, I hope to teach my daughter, how to make good quality soap.
I'm using all natural vegetable based ingredients.

I will let you know how it turns out.
Have a blessed day!

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