Friday, March 12, 2010

Fury family

Our loving four legged friend, Simba.
Simba is a yellow Lab, and he has been with us for four years now.
My favorite movie growing up has always been "Old Yeller."
Still today it is a family favorite. So, I always wanted a lazy old yeller dog.
Four years ago, we located a breeder and brought home a fluffy yellow puppy.
and that's where the story began...
I'll just say, that "Marley and Me" is a very accurate portrayal of the first two years with our boy Simba.
He chewed our patio cushions, our shoes, water hoses, if something was forgotten outside.....
it would not be usable the next morning.
During year two with us, Simba became the neighborhood stud.
It was a real nightmare for awhile.
We finally had to put a stop to his studliness. ;(
He wasn't very pleased, but the neighbors are...these days, he is our lazy yeller dog.
He's the best friend to a country girl.
They remind me of Arlis and Old Yeller running in the field.
Wherever she goes, Simba goes.
I so, love that.
Just this morning, I dug my leather gloves out of my garden box.
He barried them because I forgot them outside last night. :-)
This is "Dipper"
Dipper has been with us for eight years, and he is bestfriend to a boy.
He has met my needle and thread many times over the years.
This boy's head does not hit the pillow without the Dipper.
Many nights I have hunted Dipper down.
Midnight runs to grandma's house when he was left behind.
Even as the boy gets older, Dipper still comes along. Where he used to go in with us, now he gets left behind in the truck.
A young boy growing up....but still holding onto his childhood.

Oh, please me to breath this in. Let me not forget one precious moment.

Just moments of this life.


  1. We, too, have our very own "Marley". There is nothing sweeter than a big yellow dog!!

  2. Guess what? I had just starting reading OLD YELLER to Andrew in the hosptial...but we never finished it. He never met a dog he didn't like. I love that about my boy! Great story of Simba and Dipper and your sweet boy.

  3. Ok I could cry this morning!!!
    We just lost our great farm dog tonight Siah..
    She ran the chickens and got them up for us and keeps the goats in the yard.
    Man you gotta love a good dog.
    I know She is in heaven running with William baby...

    love ya,


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