Thursday, March 25, 2010

to mom

The kindness in his heart.

His love for me.

Sometimes.....I ask myself, am I getting it right?

Do I give them all that they need?

Will they grow up to care about others?

Does my light shine bright enough to light up their lives.

Do I tell them enough, how much Jesus loves them?
Oh, how I pray that I do.
I pray I'm getting this one thing right.

Today, I didn't feel well. So after lessons, I went to put my head down for a few minutes.
You know that awake but with eyes closed. Listening in, just in case but trying to rest too.

I could hear the papers rustling, cutting, and whispering.
I knew they were up to making something.
Being so good and quiet so mommy could rest a few minutes.
I always get extra hugs if I'm not feeling so good.=)

I could hear the swishing of footsteps, and something placed by my head.

My sweet sweet boy!
I love Garrett.
Love, mom

p.s. acts of kindness, like this, let me know, I'm getting it right.

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  1. I have little notes like that, too!!! I cherish them.


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