Friday, July 16, 2010

$100 Challenge

Results are in for week one of the $100 challenge.

I found this thrifty find discounted ($11) at a local antique decorative shop.
No, it's not an antique, but it is made of wood and it goes with the theme in Garrett's room. He has a log cabin rustic motif going on in there. I am thinking, that this would look better hanging over my front door.
Especially, since it reads 'Wipe Yer Paws.'
CVS deals of the week.
Some weeks at CVS are better than others.
This week was a pretty good week. I started with 10 ecb's(extra care bucks) and rolled them over for the John Frieda products, H&S shampoo with a b1g1 free coupon, and free contact solution. In all, I spent about $4.00 oop(out of pocket) and ended up with 8 ecb to start me out next week. Standing in line at the checkout, I always take a peek in the clearance buggy. My eyes immediately spotted the watering pitcher clearance for .89 cents. I needed a cheap filler item anyway (I usually grab gum), this was a great find. This will be handy around the house :)

My final stop this week was Publix. Not a whole lot of awesome coupon/bogo matchups for me this week. At least, not items that we need or use. The best deals this week were on Greenwise Organic milk on sale for $4.59 a gallon, the in season cherries bogo (buy one get one), and Musselman's all natural applesauce bogo minus price .20 per jar. I stocked up on the applesauce. Other than that, my cart was full of the basic staples for the week. I was doing good coming in about $4 under my budget.

When again, on my way to the checkout lane, the mark down buggy pulled me over.
Darn.... gets me every time! :)

They had marked down the Summer decor items. Have you seen the display of blue plates, glasses, hand towels with little blue fish?? I picked up the blue handled flatware and I wanted those hand towels. I restrained myself from blowing my budget any further. This week!!

If those towels are there next week, I'm putting back the bread and milk...LOL.

My Pub totals were $89.45 with 53.28 saved. That brings me in $4.45 over my $100 budget this week. Not bad! Maybe, I can even it out next week and still get those blue towels ;)

How did you fare this week?? Do you give yourself a budget and stick to it?? I know some bloggers' (money saving mom) budget less than $40 each week. Wow! Is all I can say...
She and her husband also just paid cash for their first house too. Double wow!!

Being a good steward of what has been given and still living the good life.
(please over look my spelling/grammatical errors as I am writing this quickly. They are waiting on me to roast smores :) mmmm...


  1. Looks great! I didn't get the CVS or Wags deals this week. I just don't need more shampoo!!!
    I also go the applesauce but didn't have the coupon!
    The best Publix deal was the Green Giant frozen food. A bogo at 2.38 per bag but there was a Publix coupon in the yellow flyer for $2 off 2 Green Giant so I got them for less than .20 a bag!
    I got the bogo cherries, too.
    And almost free bic razors w/bogo and coupons.

  2. This was fun to read! You did a great job!

    Mrs. White


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