Monday, July 12, 2010

Nature's Candy

We Picked!They ate!

A hot morning spent picking these sweet blessing's of Summer.
Our buckets and their belly's full, we made our way back home.
With blue fingers and tongues, we plunged our sweaty bodies into cool water.

Jason and I, picked eleven pounds of blueberries.
I think they ate eleven pounds of blueberries.

All these years, we never knew that just down the road was a u-pick blueberry farm.
Now we know!
I spent most of the weekend washing and bagging berries.
Enough for the whole year!
Sweet Homestead Blessings!

On another note: My blogger friend Melanie ( is hosting a challenge. The challenge is a $100 a week budget, allowance, or whatever you call it, for household purchases. She puts $100 into her envelope at the beginning of the week for groceries, drug store deals, and any other thrifty finds. Whatever, she has left over, goes into her funD.

I think this is a great way to save money and stick to a budget. I have decided to join in! My usual budget is about this same amount but improvement can always be made. No more impulse grabs in the check out line.

I will be reporting on how I do each week. If you want to join in, jump on over to her blog (it is in my sidebar).

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