Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Step at a Time

Starting a business, is like climbing a mountain one single step at a time.Just when, you think you've cleared the pass, you look up at the challenge that awaits in the miles ahead.

We scouted out buildings for three months. A facility large enough for our plans, but not too big with empty space to fill. It had to be affordable. We found something usable, but really old and kinda small. Though, the location and lease was perfect. Zoning shot us down really quick. We would repeat this scenario three times. Each time finding something a little better, but always an issue. Finally, the right place. We actually looked at this same site three years ago, yes, we have been planning this for along time. A very long time.

At this point, we are about to sign the lease. Just as soon as 'zoning' approves our plans. I think this time will be the "YES" we have been hoping for. Jason has to go before the County Commissioner's August 17. It's just a formality, some of the commissioners have already given him the thumbs up. Parking was the only question and they worked that out.

We formed the corporation this week. Yeah!!
Passing the point of no return now.
Praying through every move we make, and every person we speak with. Thankful for the guidance we have received and the prayers.

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