Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When the lights go out...

The rain is coming down tonight.
The power went out just before dark. They don't like it when the power goes out. To take their minds off the dark and the storm, I went for the box.
I light the oil lamp and we say a prayer over our home.

Then we open the box.
The box is full of odds and ends, glue and scissors, glitter and googlie eyes.
We hardly notice the power back on, but we notice the air back on for sure.

Still, we cut and paste. We share laughter and I praise the art they create.
I always praise their creation's. This boy likes to create with Lego's. I'm convinced, he could build a house with enough Lego's.
I praise the Lego creations.
Yes, I do!

He makes a card for daddy because we miss daddy a lot (daddy works at night).

In the morning, my country mouse works beside me in the kitchen as we roll out our dough for biscuits. We love biscuits with our homemade blackberry jam.
A window into this life of gratitude.
Cherishing this moment...



  1. Hi Brandi,
    You are a smart mama. Always have a plan.

  2. What sweet moments to remember!

  3. Sounds like you made the best of a dark (lol) situation. When we had a power outage back in March, we purchased flashlights for each of the girls, they played board games, my middle daughter and I are the readers so we snuugled on the couch with books and flashlights in hand and we turned the 2 day experience into a good one. Funny enough when the lights came on , a few minutes later I heard my daughter exclaim she was bored, go figure!!


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