Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Captain Phil

I never have much time to watch television. Tell you the truth, I don't care for TV much. I would rather be working on some kind of project, then planted in front of the tube. Except, for the one show my husband and I like to watch together. Jason has been a fan of the Deadliest Catch since the very first season it aired on Discovery. It took me a little while, but I was slowly pulled into the show. Usually, the marathon of episodes are on during weekends, and as I walk by with my laundry basket, I slowly eased my way onto the couch. I would be there for a while, pulled in, like one of those crab cages out of the Bering Sea.

Once, you get passed the bleep, bleep, bleepity,bleep, bleeps... the show is really good. These guys, risking their lives on frigid seas, to catch millions of pounds of king crab. We started DVRing the show last year and watching it together on Saturday mornings. We sip our hot coffee while these souls battle frozen ice. We are couch

My favorite character has always been Captain Phil Harris. He is a rough and rugged, tattoo covered, chain smoking man with a sailors tongue, but under all that ruggedness, you can tell there is a sweetheart of a man inside. Captain Phil died this past February of complications from a massive stroke. I just sat and watched his last episode.

With tears in my eyes, I wondered if Captain Phil knew Jesus. Oh, I hope he did. You never know the heart of a person in their final moments. No, in his life, it didn't reflect a walk with the Lord, but in that final hour did he cry out from his heart? How sad if he didn't. So many souls walk through this life, only living for 'this life.' When, we should always keep one eye on eternity. Yes, live this life! Live well, serve others, work hard, but never forget, we are all going. Either by rapture or by the grave. Always keeping your eye's on Jesus.

Captain Phil Harris
Farewell Skipper!

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