Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good family, good food, makes a good Friday night!!

Friday was my dear brother in law (Nate) 's 40th birthday. We celebrated at my mother in law's home. We grilled out and had cake and ice cream. It was a really nice evening. My husband has told me stories about times when he was growing up. His grandparents used to minister to indians on reservations and his aunts all played instruments. So anytime there was a gathering amongst the family, music was always involved. So at our family gathering, music was brought out alright. Mr Robert (MIL's Dear Husband) brought out his old school Micheal Jackson records. I'm talkin boy MJ. A-B-C-........easy as know those OOLLLDDD school tunes. Our kids loved it!! They were dancing all over the place. It was such a fun party. This is Steve my other BIL, and Lil'cousin Anthony.
Garrett, Grace, and Anthony clobbering Mr. Robert. They love him so much and he loves them right back. He is such a good sport too. This is what it's like when he's around. Poor man every family dinner, Thanksgiving, Christmas you name it these kids are all over him. He loves it!! The more I tell them to "calm down" he responds "oh there fine."LoL.
That's the birthday boy Nathan and my sweet mother in love Nita. Ladies, Nathan is single and a sweatheart.

Nita, Robert, Anthony diving into cake and ice cream.

Garrett and Dad. My handsome men!!

Steve and Aunt Annette. Ladies he's single and a sweatheart aswell. I want sister in laws is what i'm tellin ya. If I have to arrange courtships, OH I will. LoL!!

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