Friday, October 2, 2009

my dirty, no, my stinky little secret

I have decided to come clean about something that I am becoming increasingly more embarrassed by. I have kept it a secret from most folks that know us. Only close family really know the situation. Okay here it comes............I don't know if I can admit this..........Doesn't the bible say the truth shall set you,um, um.........okay...

is not potty trained.

I assure you it is not for my lack of trying. I have been working at this since she was a little over a year. At two we switched to pull ups. I have the potty books, dvds, treats, surprises, rewards, and the list goes on and on and on. I have asked advice of every mom I know that has been a successful potty trainer. I have diligently done what they advised. I have spent whole days dragging her to the potty. Sitting, waiting, praying, begging, more begging, pleading and even more begging.

We have experienced small glimmers of hope. A couple of pee pee sucesses on the potty. Boy did I celebrate these monumental acheivements. I clapped, danced, cheered, praised. I did it all, so she would know how proud I am. But, it's never consistent. I take her to the potty, but either I just missed the pp time or she waits until she gets off the pot. What's up with that?

She is a smart little girl. We do school work and she masters skills of kindergartners. But mention the potty and the whinning and resistance starts. Friends I am tired. So very very tired of potty training. I consulted a pediatrician of my concerns. She advised giving it a break for a while. Perhaps potty time has become too stressful. Too much pressure. Who'd a thunk potty training is stressful. It is let me tell ya. I'm afraid to back off though. Afraid of losing the little momentum we have gained.

I am always amazed when I see little ones that are trained at like 18mths or even 2yo, it is so great. My son also took a while to catch on but I had ALWAYS heard "little girls are so much easier to potty train" (i say in my crunched up nasely nose voice). I CAN'T TELL!!! Not my girl!

Well, there you have it. My struggles with the potty. If anyone has any new strategies, i'm open to suggestions. I have even googled resistant potty trainer, to my pleasant surprise, I am not alone in the world. There are others out there with the same struggles. I need a support group. LoL.

Uh- oh gotta run her to the potty, it's been fifteen minutes already. Don't want to miss her window. (laugh)

This is my life, and I love it......

Ammended as of Monday October 5, 2009

I don't know what has happened to right my world, but something major has happened in the past two days. I decided to go cold turkey into big girl underwear (for my baby girl, not me). She has had no accidents and it's been two days. Halla luya, thank ya Jesus! Busten out in full blown happy dance over here ya'll. I think she finally made it. WAAAAHOOOOOO!!!!

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