Monday, October 19, 2009

Just an ordinary day is an Extraordinary gift

Almost got the front flip!
I love to just watch her play. She thinks very carefully about what she's doing or making. Planning a meal of leaves for her babies, with a cup of hot leaves to drink. That's her BFF in the background. See his leash, yep, she likes to make sure he's not going anywhere.
See how high this boy can bounce! I missed the front flip, camera is just not fast enough. Look at that hair standing on ends.

Bad hair day!! Todays lesson was on static electricity...... They stuck their finger in a socket and then they both shocked mommy. Stinkers!!

Super cheap entertainment......a cardboard box= hours of fun
Wow! This has been a wonderful day!
Thank you Father for these days, and for blessing me to be a mother. I pray You guide me everyday to be a good steward of these precious children. I pray for gentle and kind words. A slow to anger temper and a heart of your wisdom. Praise You precious Savior!

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